Saturday, May 31, 2008

Need a Spark?

This weekend marks the end of my 15th week that I've been living a healthy lifestyle. At first, I thought if I could cut back my soda consumption from 2+/- liters of soda a day to one glass, ride my bike, and cut back on fast food that I could lose my 30 pounds. That strategy worked for about 2 months where I lost around 10 lbs.. The five to six weeks I stalled and didn't gain nor did I lose. Although I was watching what I was eating, I was still packing in the calories and not keeping track of how many calories I was putting away each day. At this point I realized that I was going to have a strategy if I wanted to reach my goal of sub-200 pounds.

Then about two weeks ago, I found a website called Its a free website that helps you lose weight and reach goals in your life. Several years ago the owner created another website that was bought by Ebay for $25 million dollars, so he then created to help people. In fact, he invested $5 million of his own money in getting up and running. Oh and did I mention that it's free to join.

I will give you a small picture of what sparkpeople is about and how it can help you not only lose weight, but to help you in reaching your goals in life. It's based on a point system and you get points by doing things like: spinning a wheel, reading articles, keeping track of your food and counting calories, drinking 8 cups of water a day, exercising, posting messages on the message boards, etc. The idea is to get you involved in the website and motivating you to lose weight and to educate you about losing weight. Each day you get points when you log in and spin the wheel. Everybody likes points, and all you have to do is click on sparkpoints tab and it will show you how to get points for the day.

There are three stages to spark people and they are designed to help you get adjusted to a healthy lifestyle and to teach you how to do it. By the end of the third stage, you will be empowered to live healthy each and everyday. Oh, did I mention that it's free to join sparkpeople.

It's been two weeks since I've joined and I just entered into the 2nd stage of sparkpeople and I've lost 3 pounds!!! Through sparkpeople, I've become more conscious of the calories that I'm eating and that has helped me tremendously. For the last 4-5 days, I've been coming in at around 1600-1900 calories a day without really trying. It's like I subconsciously add the calories through the day.

Sparkpeople is not a diet plan, but is a way of teaching you a new lifestyle. If you want to learn how to live and eat healthy, or simply to lose some extra weight, or if you just want to reach some new goals in your life, then give sparkpeople a try.

Current Weight 214.0 lbs

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