Sunday, June 15, 2008

My First Century Week!

Last Sunday, I decided that since my two charity rides were completed, that I would set a goal this week to ride 100 miles in a week. About 3-4 weeks ago, I came close with 81 miles but usually average around 60 miles a week. The way I look at it, the first step to riding 100 miles in a day is to ride 100 miles in a week.
My work schedule and the wet weather has prevented me from pursuing this goal earlier this year, but I figured the time was right for this week. Monday is my normal rest/recovery day and I didn't ride at all. When Tuesday rolled around, I was planning to ride my bike when I got off work, but on my way home the rainstorm hit and didn't let up for sometime. I now had to ride an average of 20 miles a day for 5 days to reach my goal by Sunday. My training week runs from Monday to Sunday in case you were wondering.
The weather wasn't too much of a factor for the rest of the week, although I did get caught in a small rainstorm for about 2 miles--but no biggie. Wednesday I rode a short 7.2 mile ride with Cam. Thursday, I logged 2 rides in one in the morning and one in the evening of 15 miles and 4.80 (mountain climb) respectively. Friday, I rode 13.10 miles and Saturday was 15.30 miles before a family Fathers Day dinner. This left me with about 45 miles that I need to ride on Sunday to reach my goal.
I woke up at 7AM and headed out the door for a nice foggy morning 21.7 mile ride down River Road. I had some committments at church today, so I finished up just before 9AM and showered and headed out the door without breakfast. On the way to church, I stopped by McDonalds and grabbed a Sausage Biscuit, Hash Brown and Bottled Water. This was the first time in 2 months that I had eaten a fast food breakfast--but I knew I needed to eat something.
After church we headed down to my parents house for another Fathers Day meal and hung out til 4PM. We then headed home. At 5PM we got home and I quickly changed into my cycling gear and headed back out to do another ride on River Road. The second ride turned out to be a 21.6 mile ride and was .2 mph faster average then my first ride. I came home and filled up my water bottle and made some sandwiches and Cam and I rode down to the park and had a picnic dinner by the river. We then headed home before it got dark and completed my third ride of the day with 7.2 miles. I ended up riding 55 miles today and 105 miles for the week, so I was able to reach my goal of my first Century in a week!!!! It just seems like yesterday that I was logging in my first 10 mile ride.

On a side note, I dropped three pounds when I weighed in on Tuesday morning and I'm only 9.8 pounds away from my goal of weighing less than 200 lbs!!! Its been a good week on the bike.

This Week's Mileage: 105.90
Previous 30 Days Mileage: 339.60
This Year's Mileage: 617.70
Current Weight 209.8 lbs

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