Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Its Been a Long Time Coming . . .

Its been way too long since I've blogged about my journey. The sad part is that I got into great shape in 2008 and lost 25 pounds. I believe I overtrained which flaired up my sciatica and it put the hurts on me for 6 weeks. I rode some more in the fall but then the cold weather hit and I am not prepared to ride in weather below 45 F so I got lazy over the winter and gained 20 pounds back.
So here I am in 2009 starting over again in my journey from fat to fit. The upside is that last year, my first ride was about 1 mile. This year my first ride was 5.6 miles, so I was slightly encouraged. I still need to get my cardio, my cycling legs and my sit bones toughened up to survive long hours on the bike.
I plan to learn from my mistakes of 2008 and I'm really excited about my training in 2009. So far, I've signed up for the National Capital Tour de Cure 62 MI/100 KM ride in June and I will also be signing up for the Shenandoah Valley Heritage Ride on May 31, 2009 and will probably do the 30 MI ride for them. It will be a great tune up for the TDC ride. One of my lessons learned from 2008 is to find a late season ride to join as well.
So here are some goals that I'm setting in 2009:
1-Ride 1500 miles
2-Ride the entire C&O Towpath by July 31st
3-Lose 25 pounds
4-Don't overtrain

Good Luck and Happy Cycling!!

This Week's Mileage: 14.20
Previous 30 Days Mileage: 14.20
This Year's Mileage: 14.20
Current Weight 225.6 lbs


Tamra said...

good luck Craig!

Stephen Paulk-McGinley said...

Found a link to your blog at, good to see someone else charting out their fight to get fit/lose weight and continue their enjoyment of cycling. I look forward to watching as you (and hopefully I) reach your goals.